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17 thoughts on “Friockheim & District

  1. Jamie Spence says:

    Hi my name is Jamie spence, I am getting in contact on behalf of the younger community living in and around the Friockheim area. The problem we have and would like resolved is the removal of the goal posts on the small 7 a side pitch in Friockheim park. Their is around 20 lads with ages between 12 and 25 that like to come together once a week for a game of football in the village during the summer but unfortunately the great park we are fortunate to have has no goal posts anymore, making it difficult to make use of the parks facilities and resulting in us having to travel elsewhere to play football, this seems a shame as the park here in Friockheim is very good and usually has the facilities to play football in the winter months. So my main point is, why have the goal posts been removed at this time of year [ the only time of year they are even used] ? And also how or when can we get them back ?

    Would be greatly appreciated by all of the lads in the village if this email could be passed on to the correct department able to deal with the issue

    Thank you


    • Hi Jamie,

      thank you for posting a comment on the community councils’ blog. I hope you found this website easy to use? I’m Kevin and I’m a Community Engagement Support Officer for Angus Council. I will pass on your comments to the Chairperson of the community council for comment/discussion at the next community council meeting. If you keep an eye on this page, you will see when the next meeting will be (as an agenda will be uploaded). Maybe it would be an idea for you and the other lads to attend the next meeting as community members to give your opinions?

      All the best,


  2. Dougie Pond says:


    I will add this to the agenda of the next meeting of the Community Council, Wednesday 1st June 7:30 in Friockheim Primary School, for discussion.
    I will post the C.C. response in the minutes and on this blog.
    Jamie is very welcome to attend the meeting to put his point and listen to the discussion, if he so wishes.

    Dougie Pond, Secretary


  3. Jamie Spence says:

    Hi, I appreciate the response and willingness to help solve our issue but we have fortunately resolved it with Angus council directly as I have been informed they are setting the goal posts back up this week sometime, thanks anyway !

    Jamie spence


  4. Kevin says:

    Your minutes from the 1st of February meeting state that the Friends of Friockheim Millpond have been ‘cleaning’ the site. This is factually incorrect and I would ask for this to be removed from the minutes or at least for the community council to accept the error publicly. We do not need this kind of inaccurate reporting on our groups activities. You also seem to have a regular report on our project even though it has nothing to do with the community council. If you would like to find out what is actually going on then please feel free to attend our meetings.
    Kind regards
    Kev Bonnar
    Chair FFMP.


  5. Kevin says:

    Sadly again I have to comment on inaccurate minute entries regarding Friockheim Mill Pond. The June the 7th minuted reported that the public consultation suggested that locals did not want any change to the millpond, this is incorrect.
    Furthermore you have stated that The owner of the millpond has given permission for the group to carry out improvement works. This is also inaccurate and not the case. My visit to the June 7th meeting was to ask the community council to stop innacurately reporting on our groups activities. Unfortunately you have continued to so. Would you be able to reply to me with an explanation for this.
    Chair FFMP.


    • Kev says:

      Agree William.
      Saw your comments recently regarding their complaints procedure. Not thinking some of the committee understand their duties with regards to community involvement or are indeed interested in it.


  6. william Perry says:

    Hi CC
    Just wondered if you could post more details on the two items listed below that were covered at the June meeting.
    Normally the application number and address are given?

    Item 5: Planning Report
    Two items were highlighted and the C.C. agreed not to object

    Please feel free to email me the details.

    Many thanks
    William A Perry


  7. William Perry says:

    Hi CC
    Just wondered if the minutes for the July meeting will be posted online or on the Friockheim noticeboard before the end of the year?
    William Perry


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