City of Brechin & District

Here you will find all you need to know about the City of Brechin and District Community Council including agendas, minutes and a link to further information.

For more information on City of Brechin Community Council.  Click here for a map of the community council area.

Brechiners recently took part in an intensive period of engagement about their town centre, called a ‘charrette’. Below you will find copies of the presentations from design team. These encapsulate the outcomes of the charrette. If you’d like any more information, please contact

1 – Brief
2 – Charrette Events
3 – The Vision
4 – Baseline Info
5 – Emerging Action Plan
6 – Emerging Framework
7 – Building Sites
8 – Open Space
9 – Transport
10 – Funding

Minute – 2020
4 February

Minutes – 2019
5 November  1 October   3 September  6 August   6 March
Minutes – 2018
Inaugural 16 October    5 June
Minutes – 2017
17 December   2 May        4 April




One thought on “City of Brechin & District

  1. Mrs L Ballie says:

    I reside at 30 Duke Street Brechin. Today on driving off my property I was impeeded by inconsiderate parking on the street. Cars were double parked one being at the edge of the drop kerbI was unable to see any approaching traffic thankfully my husband was on hand to guide me through. On returning home the situation was worse the first car aforementioned had gone but in its place ànother inconsiderate parking worse than before and it was nearly impossible to turn into my drive. Thankfully my husband had anticipate my return and had the gates open had this not been the case I had no where to stop safely to get the gates open. This situation is gradually getting worse and nothing is being done to relieve this accident waiting to happen. Emergency vehicles would be hard pushed to get to the community campus. No waiting cones have been supplied by A.D.C. as there is a restricted parking order on this street until mid October 2016. The comes are regularly removed, thrown into the road causing a traffic hazard dangerous indeed and nobody seems to care. I have spoken with the roads dept of A.D.C. and there has been an element of assistance, also spoken with Cllr Houston but he hasn’t made much inroad to the situation. Today because of what was a hazardous situation I phoned Police Scotland explained the problem and asked if an officer could attend. The controller request I hold on until he spoke with local police, on his return to my call he informed me that it wasn’t a police matter that there was no hazard and I should direct my grievance to the council. I want on to explain about the traffic order and that it was a police matter only to be told that there wasn’t a hazard. NO police had visited the area. The controller then went on to say as he was a member of the police force that he knew the law better than I and had no knowledge to question him. Disgraceful I do not want to see an accident happen or stop considerate parking but this situation has to recorded and acknowledged. Community Council has to made aware I will be going to draw attention to this with our M.S.P. Your comments will be awaited with interest Mrs L Ballie.


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