Scottish Community Council Website Relaunched

The Scottish Community Councils website ( has been redesigned and relaunched.

The redesign is the result of a wish to create an improved website for community councillors and for people interested in community council work to find up-to-date information and advice. The new website has a more inviting visual appearance and provides a clearer structure, which makes the site easier to navigate and the information more accessible to users.

The new site also introduces new features, such as:

  • An improved community council location finder based on open data from the local authorities. The location finder will provide easy access to finding any Scottish community council, with all community council boundaries being available for the first time in a single online and searchable map. As an extra feature the map will also make it possible to see live Public Information Notices through data The application has been created especially by the Improvement Service’s Spatial Information Programme.
  • A dialogue area, where guest editors will be given a voice on community council issues. This area will be linked with the Knowledge Hub Community Council group and further discussion will be encouraged in the forum of this group
  • An event calendar to highlight any events relevant to community councils.
  • New channels to create networks for community councillors, including highlighting the CC twitter accounts, links and info about the Community Council Knowledge Hub group, a regular newsletter.
  • A new well-defined link section for the site to provide a portal to other relevant organisations.

The new website is going to be a live and changing website and a central place for information for community councils. The site already has a variety of useful resources to help with anything from planning to community engagement, and onwards there will be an emphasis on creating even richer content with more showcases of the fantastic work being done by community councils across Scotland. In collaboration with community councillors and other organisations, we will create more online guidance and help for current community councillors with a focus on becoming a genuine portal for all community councillors in Scotland.